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Brash takes home prestigious Transform MENA Awards

Last week Brash had the pleasure to attend the Transform MENA Awards. Established in 2009 in Europe, the Transform Awards has quickly established itself as a celebration of the indispensable talent that exists within the branding sphere.

Four years ago Transform held its first MENA awards, and since then it is remarkably clear that branding in the region has gone on an extremely exciting journey.

This year one thing was truly clear, creative agencies ability to create experiences for their clients and customers, is what really matters. Understanding the vision and depth a client needs goes on to establishing a brand which is compelling and purposeful.

With four of our brands recognised with awards this year we at Brash are very proud to be not just a part of, but also an instigator, of this movement. With successes across industries including real estate with Gate Avenue and DIFC and Aldar’s Yas Acres, transport with Kochi Metro, and government services with TECOM.

We look forward to seeing how the region continues to push boundaries into 2017, watch this space till then!

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D&AD Festival 2017: One Week On

Last week, our London team went to the annual D&AD festival in Brick Lane: a place synonymous with change and flux. The talks attended this year were a barometer of an industry nervous for the future. The question in everyones mind was, 'what's next?'.

From the first talk; “Ai; redefining creativity”, bold statements of change were made. “Expect the future teams to be made of an analyst, a strategist and a creative”, Brad Dyson of Fetch proclaimed. While AI is a while away, its association with management consultancies is playing on the industry’s mind.

This feeling of existential crisis was reinforced through a panel on venture capitalism. “I have just read news” Proclaimed John Straw “of a short film written entirely by a computer starting David Hasslehoff. Now is the time to invest in AI.” Is this the power of Artificial intelligence, the future of creating?

It seems that these hurried declarations stemmed not from a fear of the future, but a discomfort of the present. A talk the next day from Colleen Decourcy of Weiden + Kennedy underscored the rut the industry felt it was in. The CCO told an uncomfortable truth; Core ideas and emotive reponses are no longer playing a key role in advertising. We need to push the boundaries and be brave.

Given all the existential angst, the work in display suggested an alternative narrative. While pencil numbers were slightly down on 2016, there was still a broad range of great work on display. Not only did these show more eclectic executions than ever before, they were from more countries and agencies than previous years.

While many are concerned about the future, our next step was clearly on display. Globally, we can create great work that responds to the changing times. As long as we continue to make work based on strong thinking that pushes boundaries, our industry will remain adapative enough to evolve.

At a time of such industry flux, the core purpose of D&AD, to showcase brilliant creative work, is more relevant than ever before. While it is true the industry is undergoing change, the work is already showing signs of transformation. Adapt or die.

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Piramal Realty Launches Revanta – Reimagining Mulund

Taking its place as Mumbai’s newest benchmark for luxury living, Piramal Realty launched Revanta, delivering the city a canvas to create—poised as a platform that communicates the real estate company’s greater ambition and vision.

But before the advent of Revanta’s launch, we had set about refining our extensive branding process that would galvanise Piramal’s newest project for the future—helping to create a unique living experience that would change lives, as well as the skyline of Mumbai.

Piramal Realty, by its very nature, is intrinsically caring; and wanted to build something that would give value back to its customers, focussing on compassionate creation over profit. Their vision for Revanta was one of customer centricity and aspiration—delivering evolved lifestyles and becoming part of India’s burgeoning growth story.

We began by looking at Revanta’s most compelling elements: its biophillic design, open landscape and proximity to Sanjay National Park, as well as its architectural and locational pedigree. We crossed-referenced this with the most pervasive industry trends—and began to form a story.

Revanta became a way for prospective residents to seize the moment in Mulund—discovering the provenance of the past, whilst simultaneously weaving the tapestry of their own future. It became a story of hope, opportunity and adventure; delivering a daily commute with the myriad of greenery Mumbai has to offer.

A place where wellbeing comes naturally; with towers set upon a nexus of tracks, paths and trails—a daily communion with health, wealth and nature.

Aside from an extensive branding process, we are privileged to have developed an informative investor brochure, as well as working alongside Piramal Realty to deliver an incredible sales centre experience—helping to showcase Revanta’s prestigious launch.

Now, existing harmoniously between the energy of the city and the peacefulness of nature, Revanta has emerged as an evolved living environment for Mumbai—with a launch that has allowed Piramal Realty to showcase its vision to the world.

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