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Embassy ONE, branded by Brash, is awarded Asia’s ‘Luxury Project of the Year’

Embassy ONE, the super prime development in Bangalore India branded by Brash, has been named ‘Luxury Project of the Year 2017–18’ at the CMO Asia National Awards for Excellence.

“These awards celebrate the highest levels of achievement by companies and individuals operating in all sectors of the property and real estate industry,” said Reeza Sebastian Karimpanal, SVP of Embassy Residential.

“Embassy ONE’s win is a recognition of excellence in curating a lifestyle and life space that’s visionary, and that establishes Embassy ONE as the most luxurious and aspirational project in the country.” Brash worked with the Embassy Group to create a unique brand positioning for this premium development, capturing the idea of ‘crafted lifestyles’, plus a full identity, look & feel, launch ideas and accompanying collateral. Embassy ONE is also home to India’s first Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences.

“We’re delighted for the team at Embassy,” said John Brash, CEO and Founder of Brash. “Their vision has now become the benchmark for luxury living in India, and this award is fully deserved. In the past 18 months we’ve created luxury real estate brands in Europe, Australia, Asia and the Middle East, and Embassy ONE truly stands alongside any other region in the world in terms of offering a contemporary approach to branding.”

The award was presented at a ceremony in Mumbai in July 2017.

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What Brands can learn from Political Strategy

In the UK, the General Election is well and truly underway. Behind the rhetoric sit some of the most adept, innovative and well-funded marketing teams in the world. In their output, we have identified three trends that have learnings for all brands, not just political ones.

ONE: People want brands that are more multifaceted than ever before

Theresa May’s ‘Strong and Stable’ catchphrase is getting a fair bit of disdain across the UK. While it is built on a solid strategic foundation, its repetition has bored the public.

Amongst the resulting parodies, there’s a key lesson. In a digital age where media exposure has increased infinitely, message fatigue happens faster than ever. Brands can no longer stand still, or rely on a single message. More than ever, they have to be multifaceted, complex and reflective of more dynamic, two-way conversations.

TWO: Digital Channels become easier to use with a strong definition

Social media has become an ever more important component of creating an effective brand. Two uses of this during the campaign are particularly revealing. Both show that the real power of digital isn’t just pushing out your own content; it lies in the ability of digital to communicate for you when you can’t.

The first is Labour’s grassroots movement. While the main party halted campaigning following the Manchester bombing, its networks of supporters on social media remained active (though respectful), keeping the conversation going. Was this a factor in Labour’s resurgence in the polls around the same time? Possibly so.

The second is an impressive example of how digital can help even when a campaign goes awry. As the Conservative’s so-called ‘dementia tax’ started to attract negative attention, the party used Google Ads to ensure the top return for the phrase was a message directly from them. Not only did this reinforce their own message, it also helped parry perceptions they didn’t want.

THREE: Becoming data driven requires intuition more than anything else

Brexit has been at the core of this year’s election, but not in the way expected. The Lib Dem strategy of attempting to be the ‘remain party’ has largely backfired. While the data suggested many voters wanted to remain in the EU, the party’s analysis of it failed to spot a crucial insight. Namely that among those who wanted to remain, only a small percentage felt Brexit should be stopped.

By standing as the party for ‘remainers’, the Lib Dems were actually only appealing to a minority. While data is clearly a useful tool, a key lesson can be learnt from this. It’s not always how good your data is; it’s how good your questions are.

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Brash takes home prestigious Transform MENA Awards

Last week Brash had the pleasure to attend the Transform MENA Awards. Established in 2009 in Europe, the Transform Awards has quickly established itself as a celebration of the indispensable talent that exists within the branding sphere.

Four years ago Transform held its first MENA awards, and since then it is remarkably clear that branding in the region has gone on an extremely exciting journey.

This year one thing was truly clear, creative agencies ability to create experiences for their clients and customers, is what really matters. Understanding the vision and depth a client needs goes on to establishing a brand which is compelling and purposeful.

With four of our brands recognised with awards this year we at Brash are very proud to be not just a part of, but also an instigator, of this movement. With successes across industries including real estate with Gate Avenue and DIFC and Aldar’s Yas Acres, transport with Kochi Metro, and government services with TECOM.

We look forward to seeing how the region continues to push boundaries into 2017, watch this space till then!

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