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Piramal Aranya, an iconic brand and immersive experience that will change perspectives to lead the category in India and beyond.

Piramal Realty launched its ultra premium destination Piramal Aranya, in Byculla, Mumbai on Friday 17 November 2018 – a monumental brand and experience created by Brash. The launch was celebrated through the revelation of Brash’s bespoke immersion suite; a best of class, unique and fully immersive user experience that will be a game changer in the category, designed to effectively sell off plan.

John Brash, Founder and Chief Executive of Brash comments: “With India emerging as a distinctive player on the world stage in the real estate market, we had an opportunity with Piramal Aranya to redefine the category and reach new heights. We bring the brand experience to life through a state-of-the-art ‘immersion suite’ that showcases rich content, craft and the highest standards of design and execution; a true reflection of HNWI’s lives and the rich experiences that set up for success”.

The physical space of the property, the cosmopolitan spirit of the Byculla region and the natural setting of Aranya’s location meant the brand had an opportunity to offer and claim a fresh perspective. We deviated from the often pomp, flash and ostentatious ultra-premium property market style and instead build a brand on substance. Aranya, which means forest, is set in the botanic gardens and inspired a natural fluid and organic language for the brand. Spaces have been carefully considered to deliver the perfect perspective on life, making the discerning residents one with the world that surrounds them - evoking a celebration of life, family and accomplishment and re-enegising Byculla with a focal point for prosperity.

For content and execution of the immersion suite, Brash partnered with JAK studio, an award winning London architect practice and Hooper, Brash’s premium film studio to exceed expectations and deliver an unrivalled product. The launch of the immersion suite is a true testimony to Piramal Realty’s ambition to become India’s most admired and desired real estate business.