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Piramal Realty Launches Revanta – Reimagining Mulund

Taking its place as Mumbai’s newest benchmark for luxury living, Piramal Realty launched Revanta, delivering the city a canvas to create—poised as a platform that communicates the real estate company’s greater ambition and vision.

But before the advent of Revanta’s launch, we had set about refining our extensive branding process that would galvanise Piramal’s newest project for the future—helping to create a unique living experience that would change lives, as well as the skyline of Mumbai.

Piramal Realty, by its very nature, is intrinsically caring; and wanted to build something that would give value back to its customers, focussing on compassionate creation over profit. Their vision for Revanta was one of customer centricity and aspiration—delivering evolved lifestyles and becoming part of India’s burgeoning growth story.

We began by looking at Revanta’s most compelling elements: its biophillic design, open landscape and proximity to Sanjay National Park, as well as its architectural and locational pedigree. We crossed-referenced this with the most pervasive industry trends—and began to form a story.

Revanta became a way for prospective residents to seize the moment in Mulund—discovering the provenance of the past, whilst simultaneously weaving the tapestry of their own future. It became a story of hope, opportunity and adventure; delivering a daily commute with the myriad of greenery Mumbai has to offer.

A place where wellbeing comes naturally; with towers set upon a nexus of tracks, paths and trails—a daily communion with health, wealth and nature.

Aside from an extensive branding process, we are privileged to have developed an informative investor brochure, as well as working alongside Piramal Realty to deliver an incredible sales centre experience—helping to showcase Revanta’s prestigious launch.

Now, existing harmoniously between the energy of the city and the peacefulness of nature, Revanta has emerged as an evolved living environment for Mumbai—with a launch that has allowed Piramal Realty to showcase its vision to the world.