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The Role of Branding in the World of Tech

As the tide of ICT development sweeps the Middle East, and indeed the world, brands must move with the times—modernising and evolving to befit their newest offerings. And that is where we come in.

When we began our work with the Saudi Arabian Government’s Ministry of Interior, the GCC country was precipitating a technological renaissance—leading the way in e-readiness and digitisation in the MENA region. And, as the biggest ICT market in the Middle East, the country was investing in its vision of becoming a key driver of smart solutions.

Therefore, we set about modernising the Ministry of Interior’s e-service, Absher; a new addition to its online presence that relied on out-dated but culturally important branding.

We knew the importance that a contemporary feel would impart, allowing and encouraging customer engagement and seamless communication. Yet, we still employed the provenance of the government
entity—retaining its authentic identity.

Absher became authentic enough to retain overall brand equity; modern enough to embody its technological nature; flexible enough to prepare for any growth. A brand galvanised for the future.

Now, in the throes of shrinking oil revenues, projects like Absher have showcased Saudi’s stalwart dedication to ICT investment, identifying the sector as a cost effective solution for government and commerce alike.

And, despite challenges around data security and actual human capital required to realise a future of growth— Saudi Arabia is delivering innovative technology and brands that are redefining the region’s e-future.

In an ever-changing world of evolving technology and impending digitisation, it is vital that we understand our role as a branding agency. We must be ready to built brands that harness the modern aesthetic required of contemporary offerings, whilst remaining mindful of innovations to come.

We must remain flexible, imaginative, insightful and of course—fun.