John Brash
John Brash Founder & CEO
"Brash is a people business. We do our best work with ambitious people whose personal approach drives their business. People who are driven by a genuine mission, strong values, or a clear vision. People who are driven to make an impact. Just like us."

Since 2008, when he founded Brash,
 John has led the business, working
 directly with clients and building a team 
of specialists who share his belief in the power of brands to creative positive change in the world. A natural entrepreneur, his curiosity and enthusiasm for new ventures is infectious, and he constantly identifies opportunities for clients to develop their brands and grow their business.

John is based between the four offices, London, Hong Kong, Sydney and Dubai, building Brash’s international hubs and expanding his vision to new markets.

Rose Hilhorst
Rose Hilhorst Group Special Projects Director
"There is an energy about Brash that is contagious. It’s incredibly exciting to work in the business of creation, shaping new experiences and realities every day. Working with a highly talented and passionate team that genuinely cares, makes all the difference – to our clients and the positive impact we achieve."

Rose has worked in the industry for over 20 years. Early on in her career, while working for a large branding corporate in London, she got introduced to John, and something changed. Work became inspiring and fun again. In the years that followed Rose and John have partnered intensively, creating memorable and iconic brands around the globe. They share a belief and energy that makes collaboration easy and intuitive. Since joining Brash in 2008, Rose has witnessed how the Brash spirit has positively touched and truly inspired many clients, colleagues and partners.

Rose is part of Brash Group and responsible for shaping our business on a global scale, while preserving our unique attitude.

Joe Bates
Joe Bates Group Business Development Director
"I grew up in one of the oldest and most heavily branded industries in the world: the military. So I unquestionably believe in the power of brand, building internal culture and standing for
 a shared belief in order to make the impossible possible."

Joe is ex-British Special Forces and brings a unique skillset to Brash. He’s a master in problem solving in high-pressured environments and leading teams to tackle any challenge or opportunity.

Joe has delivered branding projects for many of Brash’s clients including Wanda Group, Emaar and Blackstone. An energizer, he’s our group business development lead, connecting dots across different markets for our international clients.

Craig McDonald
Craig McDonald Group Creative Tech Director
"I’m passionate about telling stories with the mash up of film, CG and tech. It’s an ever evolving landscape and being at the intersection of these disciplines is always exhilarating."

With his background in architecture, he built up long term strategic relationships with companies such as Emaar, WATG, Imagination, Landor & Brash.

He has extensive knowledge and experience of working within the corporate space where there is often a complex pipeline of messaging coming from advertising, through marketing and PR.

Amar Mistry
Amar Mistry Chief Finance Officer
"I joined Brash to be involved with people who have real ambition and the talent to back it up. It’s inspiring to see how the Brash team works together to achieve brilliance."

As Group Finance Director, Amar is dedicated to growing the company financially while bringing in robust processes and controls to maintain stability.

This is Amar’s first foray into the creative sector, following more than 10 years working at blue chip companies. As Brash grows into new markets, Amar is creating the structure to ensure agile and seamless delivery for clients, wherever they are located.
Amar enjoys being part of a tenacious team hungry for success.