Kerala Blasters

Creating an Indian football brand icon

Impressed by Brashs portfolio of sports brands, Kochi professional football team Kerala Blasters asked us to create its identity for the launch of the Indian Super League.

The ISL is elevating Indian football to the status it enjoys in other countries, so a credible club brand is essential. We conducted detailed research into the brand DNA of some of the worlds most successful teams, aligning these insights with Keralas own story to create a unique narrative celebrating the regions people and heritage. We decided on a brand mark with an image of an elephant, which represents Kerala and is also a symbol of strength and pride, rooted in its family and community perfect for a professional football team.

The ISL has been an immediate hit, attracting more than 100 million TV viewers in its first week alone. Kerala Blasters have also enjoyed a successful inaugural season, reaching the tournament final.

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