Kochi Metro

Defining the ambition of Kochi and its people through transportation

The Kochi Metro project primarily aspired to establish a workable and modern mode of transport that is accessible to all.

Its offering was based around a noble promise with charitable intentions; a way of bringing people together, whilst allowing them seamless access to evolved transportation.

Through research of comparable benchmarks across the world, we realised that this nature of the project – as a connecting entity – was key.

From desk research, stakeholder interviews and advertising reviews, to an in-depth study of the Metro’s future commuters, we also determined that this project was emblematic of Kochi’s ambitions for the future – it embodied the city’s hopes and dreams.

We knew that any brand would have to make Kochinites proud – moving the people and their beautiful city into the future.

Therefore, we utilised a similar language to create our tone. Our aspirational use of ‘Connect to Prosper’ embodied the basic function of public transport, whilst harnessing a language of success and accomplishment.

This, coupled with an impassioned commitment to delivering prosperity, as well as a pledge to remain transparent and dedicated to the people, allowed us to cultivate a strong, optimistic and authentic brand for the Kochi Metro.

The Kochi Metro now awaits its grand opening, surrounded by a positive tone curated by the brand, created throughout its conception and construction – a truly visionary project that gives back to the hardworking populace of the city.

This tone has enabled the Kochi Metro to be positively recognised by investors and businesses alike, whilst simultaneously building support from a varied mix of press outlets and publications.

The transparency and honesty of the project have also created enormous public support for itsexpected opening, which for Kochinites could not come fast enough.


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