A first step towards weaving the extraordinary

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Brash is weaving the extraordinary, disrupting the luxury property and hospitality category in Australia through its newest creation, Silkari.

True to their name, revolutionary property developers, Visionary Investment Group (VIG) seized their passion in bringing to market a remarkably bold, distinct and innovative brand concept to Australia. One that links multiple projects, creating the impact required to seriously disrupt the luxury property and hospitality category.

Brash instantly recognized and connected with the energy of VIG; which became the platform for the team to create real and positive impact, changing the landscape of Sydney.

So we introduce our newest creation, Silkari; a brand with purpose. Silkari strives to reshape the perception of the property and hospitality brands through the integration of Chinese culture in the western world. Weaving and uniting the finest of East and West cultures, Silkari is a celebration of diversity. It captures vision and ambition whilst embracing historic values and cultural aspirations.

The brand idea for Silkari is “Weaving the Extraordinary”. Taking its inspiration from the ancient history of the Silk Road and the extraordinary properties of silk. The unique property of silk is its ability to transform everything it touches, rendering it beautiful. We have taken this idea and woven it into Silkari, ensuring every aspect of the brand our guests experience is extraordinary.

Silkari envelops a holistic approach to brand strategy with the insight and quality to deliver a world-class experience across all its touch points. The convivial, versatile and exquisite beliefs of the brand is brought to life and expressed in compelling and authentic ways across Silkari’s projects; Hotels, Residences and its sub brand, S by Silkari.

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